Stray Kids’ new mini-album ‘ATE’ to drop July 19

Stray Kids’ new mini-album ‘ATE’ to drop July 19

Stray Kids’ new mini-album ‘ATE’ to drop July 19

K-pop Stray Kids merch for fans at Korean Wave K-pop festival HALLYU FEST 2023 at Cosmonavt club

K-pop boy band Stray Kids will return with their new EP, ATE, on July 19.

The group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, said that the album ‘carries the eight-piece group’s ambitious aspiration to “devour” the music market this summer’.  The band also posted a trailer video for its upcoming release on social media, which depicts the eight members scrounging around to regain their luck after a series of unfortunate incidents following the inadvertent opening of a fortune cookie.

The respective 18-second teasers spotlight Bang Chan and Hyunjin, Lee Know and Felix, I.N and Changbin as well as Han and Seungmin. However, additional details such as the album’s lead single, track list and more will be announced at a later stage.

The group recently dropped the video for “MOUNTAINS”, the first track to be released off ATE. You can check out the video – here.

Stray Kids has claimed four No. 1s on the Billboard 200 chart. The group’s collaborative single with Charlie Puth, “Lose My Breath,” entered the Hot 100 charts in May.

Check out the trailer for ATE here.

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