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by Billy V posted Jan 6 2014 8:26AM
Congratulations as "Hangover" actor Justin Bartha tied the knot with Pilates trainer Lia Smith at Secret Island at Kualoa over the weekend.  Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth along with a small group of under 20 guests were in attendance; they also had a reception held in a valley where "The Hunger Games" was filmed. They were first linked together when they were spotted here in Hawaii on New Years’ of last year; Justin actually met Lia during a Pilates session in Los Angeles; they announced their engagement in May of 2013.  Lia’s parents live here on O’ahu!
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by Billy V posted Jan 6 2014 8:21AM
Emma Stone is here in Hawaii since last month as they have been filming the new Cameron Crowe movie starring Bradley Cooper and Danny McBride;   Emma decided to try her hand at the waves off of Waikiki.  Some reporters were giving her cracks for not being good on the waves;  we’re saying, “Emma, main thing you’re having fun” and it looks like she is.   Mele Apana said she needs to get out of the rash guard and get some Hawaii sunshine; she said she is willing to lend Emma her two piece.  Billy V said it may not fit; it may look like more of a mu'umu'u on Emma!
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by Billy V posted Jan 2 2014 3:26AM

Billy V

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by Billy V posted Dec 30 2013 5:51AM
Don't wait too long, because the window to get tickets opened on December 26, 2013 for the upcoming 51st Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo, Hawaii.  Here is the link:
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by Billy V posted Dec 30 2013 2:44AM
Needing to update your information!  Please follow the link below as we are updating information on all of our Hawaii music artists!!    -billyv & Mele Apana

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by Billy V posted Dec 28 2013 10:30AM
Honolulu StarAdvertiser reports about the waves that are coming!  It has been an AWESOME Christmas holiday with back to back swells making all the water rats happy!!

High surf advisory extended through Monday

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by Billy V posted Dec 28 2013 10:27AM
Coach Dave Shoji will return for another season!  This is going to be awesome; Go Bows!!!

Shoji returning for 40th season with Rainbow Wahine

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by Billy V posted Dec 25 2013 2:42PM
Mele Apana and Billy V were talking on the Na'au Therapy Channel on Mele's strange annual tradition regarding shopping...

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by Billy V posted Dec 23 2013 4:46PM
Unexpected on Saturday; President Barack Obama attended the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic at the Stan Sheriff Center.  That much was known.  But Billy V's son, sitting a short distance away got to shake his hand as he was passing to exit after the game.  Leion Van Osdol said the experience was "exciting and awesome".  
Since Billy V is the one who got the tickets and recommended to the family where to sit; Billy V said he is smiling because "Dad is still cool" in the household.
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by Billy V posted Dec 23 2013 4:37PM
Here it is; just before Christmas Eve, and Mele Apana is getting ready.  She said on-air this morning, "Brother, I am so excited, I can't wait to go shopping!"  Billy V responded, "What do you mean shopping?  You haven't done it yet?"  Apparently it is a tradition of hers to wait until Christmas Eve then attack the malls.  We have received word from her camp that she will only do her shopping within a 6 block radius of her home, which is within walking distance of Walmart, Sam's Club, Ala Moana Center and Don Quijote.   
Her final word was that she does wear earphones and listen to Christmas music while she shops; so if you call her name and she doesn't answer...or she's moving to the sounds of Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole...she is in full shopping mode.
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