Weather Watch: Ana

With Tropical Storm Ana making it's way to the Hawaiian Islands, here's a quick primer to get you prepared for a possible emergency.

Hurricane Tracker
Keep and eye on the storm is and see interactive maps of the storm, it's path and vitals. click here

Hurricane Safety Kit
After a severe storm or hurricane, power may be out for days and normal city and state service may not be available. Here are some of the most critical supplies to have on hand:

- At least a 3-day and preferably a 7-day supply of water (one gallon per person per day)
- Non-perishable food (7 days worth per person)
- Formula, diapers, and other baby supplies
- Manual can opener
- First aid kit
- Prescription and non-prescription medicines
- Toiletries
- Cell phones and battery-powered cell phone chargers
- Battery-powered radios and flashlights
- Plenty of batteries
- Extra cash
- Blankets, sleeping bags, books, and games (especially if evacuating)

If you haven't made one, get yourself prepared! Here's a handy list of things you'll need just in case. For an detailed list from Hawaii News Now click here.

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