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Where you like da trash go?

by Billy V posted Jul 29 2010 7:21AM

Tomorrow is the day that Honoluluʻs first garbage shipment is supposed to ship out to Washington State, but Iʻve heard of a lawsuit that changes how Iʻm viewing this whole ordeal.

City put out to bid and gave it to Hawaiian Waste Systems.  HWS is supposed to wrap the trash and send it out to a landfill on the west coast state.  USDA gave itÊ»s ok and it looked like everything was a go.

Yakama Nation, Native Americans that call that part of Washington home, says that USDA never asked THEM if it was ok.  (Can you imagine if that happened here the uproar that would cause?)  They have now filed a lawsuit saying they werenÊ»t a part of the decision process and they DO NOT want the rubbish buried in their area.

This changes everything for me; from the standpoint that I thought everything was taken care of and ready to go.  But if a Native American entity does not want it taken to their land, I donÊ»t want to send it there.    ItÊ»s as simple as that.  I wouldnÊ»t want as a Hawaiian, someone else sending their opala over to be buried in our backyard, no matter how much money they want to pay.

IÊ»m not sure whether itÊ»s pono or not to send our opala over there.  Maybe this is a wakeup call for us to start doing things better.  We need to be more pono with our opala; which means we need to be more pono with what we do in our everyday lives so we are more pono with our lives and our opala.  I never thought I would bring recycled bags to use for groceries.  IÊ»m now heavily considering it.  Newspaper for Christmas gift wrapping?  May not be a bad idea.  Asking our radio station to have receptacles for our bottles and plastics at our events?  Perhaps City and State events?  It may be a start. 


I wish it was like Japan where there were multiple receptacles for bottles, plastic and paper....3 in one all over the place.

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04/10/2013 10:39PM
Where you like da trash go?
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