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Vacation in Japan Day 4

by Billy V posted Mar 30 2009 12:40PM
Today was a great day!!  Breakfast was good; it was buffet but a lot of the food is made right there including the croissants and breads; they have the usual stuff...a nice blend of Japanese and American foods.  

HereÊ»s todays business report that IÊ»ll try to send to KGMB9 later (it never made it-my attempt at wireless internet was discovered and turned of by our hotel before I could forward to tv...only got it for the radio website lol :(   ).  Here at the Rusutsu resort, the story is the business or more so the lack of.  Last year there were lines for everything.  The food, the ski lifts, stores in the resort, restaurants...everything!  This year there are no lines for anything.  This resort is down to 30% occupancy.  This resort is one of the busiest during the season, and even now.  There are many other resorts that are doing worse.

One very noticeable aspect is the foreign market for the resort.  Their Korean and Australian visitors are down to nearly 0.  ThatÊ»s very hard for this and other resorts that depend on visitors for their money.  In that respect, lucky we live Hawaii.  We still have the Orient, the Canadian, Australian and more that is coming our way, although not in the high numbers that weÊ»re used to in years past.  The economy is hurting this resort and many other international destinations all over the globe.  LetÊ»s hope we can keep our destination in Hawaii viable and popular for everyone!

Off to the ski slopes we went with me on a snowboard.  Again the shoes are key as I was standing on the first try.  Just like riding a bike.  Except this time no falling down.  I should mention IÊ»m on the VERY beginners slope.

After tackling this without falling down and realizing that last year and this year was very different (that I could snowboard without my feet or legs killing me) I went up one slope to tackle the hill.  Compared to the mountain, IÊ»m still near the bottom, but  at least I could try and tackle a steep area that was very wide.

I went up, and looked towards the bottom.  I started to go down.  I started going from side to side.  It was just how I imagined it.  It would be just like surfing.  I had fun all the way down to the bottom.

I should mention I cannot surf to save my life.  IÊ»ve been out to Waikiki on a longboard at least 5 times.  CouldnÊ»t get up on the board and get a SINGLE good ride.  Here on the snowboard though, I was up and riding from side to side.  I was on top of the world, conquering with every turn.  It was wonderful.  Not to mention I had music in my ears, so that was even more awesome!

After a couple more runs, it was 12:00noon, so time to head into lunch; my sonÊ»s ski instructor brings him to the break place so we all eat while sensei geta a 90 min break.  My son and I finished our food early and my wife was enjoying her beer (which in the cold drinks like water) so my son wanted to go out to the slope with me.   I said "Sure!  LetÊ»s go...definitely!"  We went up to the slope.

All this time my iPod is running.  As we get ready to head down, Bad Day from Daniel Powter starts.  Natural Vibrations is next.  Whoomp there it is (I had iPod on UH Sports Music, which meant all the "power" music, perfect for the slopes.  ItÊ»s really strange..because this is the UH Sports music, in the directory is also Star Spangled Banner.  I laughed out loud and stood tall while this played and waited until the end.  "The Sounds of the 70Ê»s Remix" started and I started reliving my childhood...that would make it my 4-8th grade years.  Bee Gees, Sister Sledge, KC & The Sunshine Band.  It was very cool.  All I would have needed was C&K, Kalapana and that would have been complete.

Here is the Mountain Top/Snowboarding Billy V playlist:

Bad Day                Daniel Powter
Natural Vibrations           Natural Vibrations
Whoomp There it is
Tubthumping             Chubawumba
UH FIght Song             UH Band
Star Spangled Banner  Beyonce
The Sounds of the 70ʻs
ItÊ»s Not Over             Daughtry
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04/10/2013 10:27PM
Vacation in Japan Day 4
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