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Tryouts with Hawaii Football School!

by Billy V posted Mar 30 2009 11:32AM
I first heard about the Hawaii Football School when I was watching KGMB9.  I had just finished my segment minutes before and I heard that Chad Owens was going to be on.  I was excited since I hadn't seen Chad play, and I knew he had injuries in the NFL Season.

He told Steve that he was putting together a football school.  Not just any football school, but one that taught the fundamentals of football while they were young so that way when they got older in middle and high school, there was no learning curve.  They were already be ma'a to the game and they could jump right into it.  They were taking all ages.  It made me excited being a football fan!

My son is 6 years old.  I didn't know if he would like football.  However since he attends a bunch of football games that I'm working at, he would see it all the time.  We bought him the playstation game NCAA Football' 07 so he's been playing football for a while.  It's also the way I taught my wife football in general (she wanted to play so I taught her; she beats me now.)

Since my son started to attend HFS, he plays differently now.  He watches the plays in slow motion.  He sees the stance of the players and mentions (and points), "That's what we did in the last class!".  He's started to put things together.

The coaches started changing how they teach too.  They were always about football, team and working together, but in the last month they've been mentioning that schoolwork comes first before everything else.  If they cna't do good in school, they can't do good on the field.  They're setting them up for that long journey called middle, high school and college.  I think it's a natural progression.  They're also giving out awards monthly for excellence, inviting the kids to strive, to do better, to get recognized for it.  It's been an awesome program that I'm glad my son is in on Sundays

Note:  The coaches are all people I've grown up with in sports.  They're some of the names we've heard associated with some of the greats in UH Warrior Football.  OFten the coaches have been rotating out because  Some are still active either in the Canadian Football , Indoor or European football leagues.  Occasionally there have been "guest" coaches. Colt Brennan has come by.  Timmy Chang when he's been in town.  It's been kewl to see these coaches and people coming back to give back again.
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04/10/2013 10:12PM
Tryouts with Hawaii Football School!
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