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The Holidays were Exhausting!!

by Billy V posted Jan 5 2009 5:25AM
Happy New Year everyone!!

So much for the holidays.  Did I get much done?  No.  What I was able to get done was mostly to the credit of my wife.  Xmas cards?  late but yes.  Presents sent?  not really, especially with the economy down...we were some of the ones that were pinching this year.  Time available to accomplish anything?  Non-existant.  All of my jobs kept me pretty much busy thru the whole of the holiday season.

What I was able to accomplish was spending time doing things I like to do.  I got to head down to the KGMB9 studios and spend time with them.  I don't get to see them as much as I'd like, so to be able to do my reports from the studios was a blast.  I'm always grateful when Hawaiian 105 KINE allows me to do that once a year or so.

I've commented about this in the past...but I can't mention how wonderful this group of people are to work with or be around.  It's also contagious.  When you're full of energy, you love what you do, you're good at what you do, it shows.  It's contagious.  That's one big reason (among many) that I love being around them.

Another pair of people that are like that:  Bruddah Wade and Uncle Sam from Hawaiian 105 KINE.  From the humor and laughs of Uncle Sam to the wonderful go-getum energy of Bruddah Wade, just wonderful people to be around.

I guess that's one of the key things to having a good time in life; to make sure you surround yourself with good people.  Put that one down on the list of things to do this year!

I took my wife to Lanai as one of the first trips to an outer island that we did together as a couple before we got married.  We camped on the beach and she got her first REAL look of what the skies of Hawai'i look like at night...or should I say she got her first look at the heavens when they open up at night.  Either way, she was overwhelmed to tears and that remained a wonderful memory.  So we decided to do the same thing, except take my 6 year old son so we could all have that memory together.  We had a wonderful time camping, crabbing, playing in the sun on one of the world's most wonderful beaches.  Aloha to our family on Lanai; Alton, Joelle and Mariah!  

My 3 hanai daughters from Japan flew in the next day after we got back from Lanai;  we had the most wonderful time!  They were in love with the UH Cheerleaders and Rainbow Dancers at the Outrigger Hotel's Rainbow Classic Basketball tournament, we all survived the '08 Xmas Blackout together, around the island, Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, Aloha Tower Marketplace Fireworks, Izumo Taisha after midnight on New Years Morning (12:20am).  Priceless memories for my family...first time in 25 years of working radio that I took vacation during the holidays!

Looking forward, there are a few things coming up that will start to turn people's heads:  of course the inauguration of Barack Obama as our 44th, Ceded Lands issue, economy, rail transit...'09 will turn out to be a very interesting year....
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04/10/2013 8:47PM
The Holidays were Exhausting!!
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