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Occupiers, Sports and Slack Key

by Billy V posted Aug 18 2008 5:40AM

Here we go with today's subjects of interest:


Takeover at the Palace:  When/If there ever becomes a point where there is another government other than the one currently in place (US Government, State of Hawai'i, City and County etc...), I am hopeful that they are benevolent, intelligent, have respect for others, non-violent and hope they have a plan.  In my PERSONAL opinion, none of that was seen last Friday.  They way they they seem to be going about this whole thing just makes everyone look bad.  Someone should have an economic plan...  Especially how things are with the economy being where it is.


OLYMPIC GAMES - Micheal Phelps:  Whoa what a machine.  Setting the bar for new heights.  Awesome.  Natasha Kai:  We're behind you girl.  Go show them what you got....and show them tattoos!!    Women's Volleyball:  5 girls with Hawaii ties.  You're on a roll.  Hang each other.    Can't wait to see Bryan Clay in action...


Little League Team:  Proud of them.  They're doing awesome.  They are playing this morning.  They're doing excellent!!


Slack Key:  The State of Slack Key is GOOD.  Slack Key is getting more and more exposure.  SK is also becoming more and more part of the mainstream of music as the exposure grows.  The amount of students that are wanting to learn this artform is growing.  SK has gotten to the point where there are different genre within SK with jazz, spanish, flamanco, blues flavors.  The main concern amongst Kiho'alu SK players is that the "essence" of SK be passed along.  Not just that it's a bunch of tunings that make it SK, but there is an aloha, a humbleness about SK; something that makes it "nahenahe".  Makana mentioned yesterday while I interviewed him that the more he ventures and explores more aspects of music, the more it forces him to explore the roots of kiho'alu.  Bobby Moderow went on a length sharing with us about how Uncle Raymond Kane would spend 1/2 of the time with guitar and technique, the other half of the time talking story ABOUT kiho'alu; the why's and how of what he learned, where the mele came from, what playing SK should feel like.  Kiho'alu comes from the islands, and the artists who play kiho'alu are trying to make sure everyone knows where kiho'alu comes from, how it came about, and how to continue to perpetuate it.


More tomorrow...hope you're having a good day!!



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Occupiers, Sports and Slack Key
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