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No Cigarettes: That?s why!

by Billy V posted Jul 8 2013 2:22AM
 Maybe this is how I should do my dieting!!
Not many people are determined as Ibrahim Yücel to stop smoking. The smoker is actually wearing a cage on his head (image) to stop himself from having cigarettes. 
The 42-year-old Turkish man has been smoking two packs of cigarettes since he was 16 and is desperate to quit. His father died from lung cancer, so he knows he needs to be healthy for him and his family. He was inspired to create the helmet like cage by looking at motorcycle helmets. 
The former smoker doesn’t go anywhere without a cage on his head, including work. He leaves the keys to the cage with his wife, so he can’t ever sneak a cigarette. Family was a little unsure about his unorthodox method to stop smoking, but they are now very supportive.
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07/07/2013 8:22PM
No Cigarettes: Thatʻs why!
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07/08/2013 10:47AM
ex- smoker-Chicago,IL.
I smoked for 40 yrs.It's hard.I smoked 2pks also, but it can be done.STICK WITH IT>GOOD LUCK
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