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New Hawaii Five-0 Triggers Memories...

by Billy V posted Oct 26 2010 4:43AM

Gotta admit; I like the new show.  If I can sit in front of the TV and watch it from beginning to end, I like it.  Not a lot can hold my attention these days; or IÊ»m so busy with stuff that I only pay attention when I have to.  But Hawaii 5-0 is something I like.  ItÊ»s not completely predictable, but I wish it was more than just an hour.  

WeÊ»re noticing more local people, nice to see Brian Keaulana out there...but IÊ»ve come to expect that.  Especially when it comes to the water.  He IS the best out there at what he does and how he does it.  You know dat when his family has been a part of the ocean all their lives.  I was happy to see him on the show.  Butch Helemano too as Kahu for the surfing burial at the end...but it was the ending of the episode that triggered something unexpected.  
In the beginning of the episode, one of the pioneers of surfing died of murder.  At the end of the episode they went to scatter his ashes in the ocean.  As I saw Grace Park paddle out in the scene and they showed the ashes going underwater, I flashed back to when my Grandfather died a couple of years ago.  He lived until one month before his 100th birthday.  It was Mom and I plus the one taking us out in a small canoe just outside the break just off the Elks Club where my Grandfather spent a lot of time and was a member.  Mom and I took Grandpa out there, and let his ashes go down beneath the waves. I swam as long as I could, letting parts of him go thru my fingers.  I flashed back when he was a cook in Waikiki at the Swiss House.  He took me to my first visit to the KGMB9 studios to be on Checkers & Pogo.  We spent summers cruising thru Waikiki with him and Grandma Hazel.  Small flashes as he disappeared into the ocean off of Waikiki.  We put our leis in the ocean then paddled back.  As I looked up at the tv, they were in the closing moments of the scene of the surfers splashing and throwing their leis in the ocean too.  Just then, my 8 year old son jumped in my lap...I hugged him and smiled.  IÊ»ll share the memories it triggered some other time when heÊ»s older....
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04/10/2013 11:15PM
New Hawaii Five-0 Triggers Memories...
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