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Musical tastes outside of Hawaiian Music

by Billy V posted Mar 30 2009 1:46AM
My last blog may have lead people to think "What?!  You listen to something other than Hawaiian Music?!"  This may give you a clearer picture of what I like:

HereÊ»s a paragraph on personal music preferences.  ItÊ»s Not Over from Daughtry from the last blog entry is a sample of the kind of music from contemporary artists now that I like...the style...when IÊ»m not listening to Hawaiian music (98% of the time itÊ»s Hawaiian!).  So is a lot of 80Ê»s music, early to mid 90Ê»s.  I have a soft spot for oldies though.  In elementary school, I went thru a lot of music phases.  I listened to country for 3 months non-stop, classical (actually only Mozart) for 4 months, I went thru extensive Beatles early days thru Ê»67) in about 6 months.  Nothing but Beatles. 

My parents were my Elvis influence.  Especially the Elvis Live from Hawaii 8-track tape. 
Yes, 8 track.  We would listen to it as my Mom drove from Kona to Waimea or from Kona to Hilo and we would sing all the way, every song.  I knew all the parts, the background, the instrument licks, the progressions, the crescendos;  I found my DadÊ»s old 45Ê»s collection which included Elvis records which I would play over and over before.  These were all the different kinds of music I was exposed to in my childhood.  So were the Hui Ohana and C&K from my Aunty and Uncle which were played over and over and over; but I loved it.  On the website in the radio history it explains when I was REALLY exposed to Hawaiian Music, which was heavily at 16.  Thru the years on the contemporary side there was exposure thru KKUA radio, but the traditional didnÊ»t start until 16 when I was working with AlapaÊ»i Abreau on KKON Radio.  Then it was dive in head first to Ê»Å┬îlelo HawaiÊ»i and Hawaiian Music.  It would continue with Krash Kealoha, but really blossomed with Skylark.

Lots of music that I like...but my love is for Hawaiian Music...the music that I really think would help the world become a better place...
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Musical tastes outside of Hawaiian Music
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