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Mokulele Airlines Inaugural Maui Flight

by Billy V posted Feb 23 2009 5:20AM
The Inaugural Maui Flight for Mokulele Airlines: Excited radio listeners off for a good time; How was Mokulele's service? Keep Reading...

It's 5:15am and we're off to Maui "on time" on MokuleleÊ»s Inaugural flight to the island of Maui!  WeÊ»ve got a full flight of happy people, and it looks like they will be enjoying the day which will include breakfast, theyÊ»ll go on a tour and head up to the winery on Maui, Ulupalakua Ranch and down to the Maui Ocean Center before they return later today.


ItÊ»s not only my Hawaiian 105 KINE listeners on this flight; itÊ»s the listeners from other radio stations as well, like Power 104.3 (Micah Banks), Wayne Maria (KRATER 96), seems like the largest "radio" contingent is from KCCN FM 100 (Big Poppa, J-Irie, Hype and Davey D from KCCN FM 100/Overdrive Live).  Sitting with all of them is like a high school and college trip together...itÊ»s really nice when you get to share some time with your industry brothers and sisters.  I might add there is the usual ribbing; but itÊ»s all good.


MokuleleÊ»s inflight is just like any other airline.  TheyÊ»ve got veterans that have moved up from Island Air...they also have a lot of the Aloha Airlines former employees working too.  TheyÊ»re professional and passionate about their company, and want to see it do good.  Competition is always good for the marketplace, when competition follows the rules of good business and doesnÊ»t try what (in my opinion) go! Airlines did to Aloha.

I believe that go! used inside information to take down Aloha...which should be NO REFLECTION on itʻs local employees...just on itʻs management.


Where Mokulele will probably try to gain a hold is their back of house, like the website and the counter experience.  Also when Hawaiian fills up and you canÊ»t find flights convenient to your schedule, youÊ»ll go and find alternatives like Mokulele.


Ratings on my experience:


Ticket Counter:  A

In-flight:  A+  Mahalo Shane and Jean!

Pilots:  (got a chance to talk to them briefly) A


Overall experience:  Great


I was on the turnaround to get back to OÊ»ahu; the NFL is headed into town...their advance crew has already been here.  ItÊ»s going to be a hectic weekend as the attention of the World of American Football turns to Hawaii.

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Mokulele Airlines Inaugural Maui Flight
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