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Mele Apana Comes Back Home!

by Billy V posted Jun 19 2013 3:28AM
Hawaiian Broadcaster and Kauai Native Mele Apana starts a new era on Hawaiian 105 KINE on June 24, 2013 as she joins Veteran Broadcaster Billy V!  Mele explained that she was an intern
under Billy V some 15 years ago when Mele started her broadcast career on O Ľahu.  But Mele is no stranger to entertainment as she was born into an entertainer family; her uncles also serving as her mentors as she would watch them broadcast on Kauai radio station KUAI for years starting at age 4.  "I was always around it, and loved that my uncle talked story with all of the big stars coming to Kauai".  That would be her foundation that would eventually lead her to the Hawaiian 105 KINE studios.  It all begins Monday Morning on Hawaiian 105 KINE!
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06/18/2013 9:28PM
Mele Apana Comes Back Home!
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09/01/2013 8:12AM
I find mele to be kind of funny but a bit abrasive. Morning show used to be quite a bit more serene. And show is more "local" which I guess is what KINE is but certain parts of show exclude certain people like the "private vs public". But I guess KINE is a local station for locals. Even though I am not from here I love KINE and the hawaiian music and its the only station I listen to. Just an observation.
10/17/2013 7:47AM
Another opinion
She is funny and does have a "Potty Mouth" that might offend some. The interaction between her and Billy V is fun. I can tell he really likes her and enjoys her company. It's a fun station to listen to and is very "local" which is 90% of the charm. They do need to expand their music selection. There must be more Hawaiian songs then the 20 they play over and over every day.
10/17/2013 7:49AM
Another Opinion follow-up
Wanted to mention that I listen every day from Sarasota Florida.
11/12/2013 4:55AM
want facebook to connect
Mele & Billy luv to listen to you from Vegas...keep me grounded....what is your facebook...want to hook up....mahalo
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