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Mayor's Debate and thoughts

by Billy V posted Sep 9 2008 4:44AM

Much respects going out to the KGMB9, the Honolulu Advertiser and OHA for a spirited yet good debate last night between the candidates running for Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu. I wish more time could have been spent on more subjects. Too bad; another debate of the same type would be good for all of us. The majority of the debate was spent on Rail and Infrastructure. That is good, but we need to hear more about landfills, growth and our homeless situation; and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I realize however that this is television, and you need to have the hardest biggest things answered. We got that last night. Rail - Do we need it, will it do the job? Will it do more than just get us from one place to another as it may have additional economic benefits around where the stations are (additional places of businesses and residences by where stops are) as well as downfalls? Plus one thing that last night showed: There is a manipulation of information. That's what you learn in statistics. How to interpret the numbers. There are many ways you can make the numbers support what you are saying. I believe that Panos believes what he is saying based on the numbers. I believe Mufi believes what he is saying based on the numbers. Question we need answered is which numbers "in reality" are the ones that represent or benefit us?

Ann did strike a chord with new technology in regards to the rail, Mufi did strike a chord with needing to do this NOW and not wait another 26 years. Panos did strike a chord with needing to watch the costs of all things. In response to those thoughts, I'm sure Mufi and prior administrators and studies have looked at all of those possibilities. I think all think we need to do things now, but not all it seems have solutions (Ann-she was maybe this would work, or maybe that would work.) and I'm sure Mufi and Ann wants to watch the cost of things as well...but that was what stood out as one left the debate that you would remember.

Conclusion: If I had to vote now on what I saw last night, Mufi would be our next Mayor. Ann should continue to be in the City Council as she is a voice that needs to be heard. Not all will agree with the Mayor or all the other City Council people. I'm sure Ann is honest and hardworking. She has over 25 years devoted to public service. That in itself is awesome. From experience working with others in Washington, State Capitol, DBED I'd go Mufi...and taking into consideration that the sewer break in Waikiki (Ala Wai dumping) was during Mufi's watch; yes...but that was inherited. Other sewers and infrastructure items were inherited. Panos: If he's got so many damned good ideas, why hasn't someone put him on the payroll to help with the problems we've got?

Thoughts on development: No one answered the questions. Mufi/Ann/Panos said that would watch or are watching it. Which means that the people that are supposed to be doing it are doing their job. (Doing it good or bad is another question) What we need to do is find out what THEY are doing and what their priorities are.

Thoughts on Rail: They've been trying to do this damn thing for years. When it becomes time to have hearings on it....NO ONE FU#K*%& shows up. Then when they put it up for vote or push it thru 'cause they've got the money earmarked for it, then everyone says "Stop! We haven't voted on this!! WAIT!" Well you know what? If you got involved in the first place, if you went out to vote then you would have some reason to grumble. If you didn't go to the meetings, if you didn't vote in the last election, don't grumble. Now that someone is trying to do SOMETHING about it, everyone raises their hands. Sheesh :(

(Apologies about the colorful metaphors. I just get so darned upset when all of a sudden a 26 year issue to everyone seems like it was railroaded (LOL I made a joke) down their throats. Get INVOLVED!)

Thoughts on homeless: There are those that are transplants - those that were given one way tickets to come to Hawaii to not be homeless somewhere else. There are those that want to live on the beach or be homeless, and that have been out there so long that their children now understand what it is to be homeless and don't know why people are trying to get them off the beaches. We have to find ways to reach them, because they don't want to be reached.
The others want to do better and just need help. That's where the government (city, state, federal) and non-profit get involved. But it's that above group that I'm wondering: How do we reach them or help them when they don't want to be helped?

Landfill: Thank you Westside of O'ahu for bearing our 'opala all this time. You've done enough. We must start to think of other places to put it. But NO ONE wants it in their backyard!! :P


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04/10/2013 8:45PM
Mayor's Debate and thoughts
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