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Mayor's Approval Rating/Olympic Opening in Beijing....

by Billy V posted Jul 30 2008 1:17AM
Did you get a chance to see this mornings Honolulu Advertiser?  They were giving the results of a poll that showed that Mayor Mufi Hannemann has an 80% approval ratings here in Honolulu.  I started to laugh out loud. Not because I don't believe those numbers...I actually think the numbers could have some truth to them...but because there was such a scramble in the last 24 hours of the filing deadline. To have them scramble to find someone to go up against Mufi, then less than a week later to come out with the poll....OUCH! that's gotta hurt. The ONLY thing that I would wish for whole heartedly in the upcoming election: I wish everyone would go and vote. That way all of the naysayers in whatever the subject matter could just be told to be quiet. Whether for or against rail, taxes, whatever. It would be nice just to have everyone have their say and be done with it. I'm voting. Are you!

I'm trying to remain unbiased in my show when it comes to the political scene nationally. While I must admit I'm intrigued by the movement that Barack Obama has spurned, can it really be translated into moving younger people to get involved...into action. One would hope so. John McCain has so many age jokes aiming at him, but my Grandfather who turns 100 in October reminds me that our Kupuna can do anything. So many jokes can come up....I'm so tempted to release them or talk about them, but I really hope everyone takes the 2 seriously other words back to the wishing everyone would vote.

Changing our values. I guess I'm growing up. Dammit NO!! hahaha but I guess I am. I actually feel guilty throwing away a plastic water bottle. I feel bad when I can't find a receptacle to throw it in. I have started to separate my garbage with paper and plastics at home. But is anyone else doing it? Changing the thinking on rail and gas. If they build it, will people put aside their cars and use it? Howard Dicus whom I work with at Sunrise on KGMB9 had a really interesting insight this morning on his "Ask Howard" segment: He said that people will NOT stop buying cars; LUXURY car sales will increase as people realize they don't have to beat them up on the long hauls. If you think about it, he's right.

One more item: Olympics in 9 days...

Korean Broadcast crew was practicing for their broadcast when they also recorded the practice for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic games...which they not only posted, but also broadcast for their television audiences as well... you can see it above...just know that it is in the Korean Language.

See ya tomorrow :) billyv
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04/10/2013 8:36PM
Mayor's Approval Rating/Olympic Opening in Beijing....
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