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by L Jtan posted May 16 2011 11:25AM

Listen to Middays from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. on Hawaiian105 KINE.

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04/02/2013 5:43PM
Hawaiian 105 KINE's Dave Lancaster
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06/20/2013 12:11PM
Moms services
Jus wanted 2 inquire about 2 of your local artists naleo pilimehana an pito Javier. My mom was a big admire of both artists especially naleo. Flying with angels was her all time favorite song .an 4 me where do I go from here. Well now mom is flying with angels an I just wanted to know how would i go about contacting these great people and how much would they charge to render those two songs @ mamas funearal services on fri.july.12,2013 @ Hawaiian memorial. From 5pm-9pm. For me I don't have any Facebook or email address of any sort jus one simple Hawaiian. But my bradda just wanted 2 know if they would be available for that day and i would be willing to pay for there services. Please get back to me on your most convient time. You can reach me on my cell number # 808-450-4509. My name is Wayne. Much mahalos and aloha.
06/24/2013 3:01PM
Windows Down
A lot of the time I'd change the Hawaiian station kinda fast cuz no good songs. Today tho, nothin but jams back to back. I'm Hawaiian too so.. jus sayin. Anyway, had to do research on the station and now here I am. Keep it up KINE! Dave Lancaser got me hooked.
06/25/2013 2:53PM
Listen Live is down
I been in Bangkok, Thailand for one week now and listening to 105.1 on the live feed (Triton one week. Then all of a sudden, Monday morning , the opening show, Billy V and Mele Apana, I cannot connect to Listen Live. Can you guys help? I miss my Hawaiian Music, and I feel like a Duck out of water. My name is Earl J. Freitas (aka Rocky) from Ewa Beach. Much Mahalo, Braddah
08/07/2013 2:05PM
? Hawaii 5-0 Premier
Aloha Hawaii! I'm in Michigan wondering if Hawaii 5-0 will have their Premier on the Beach again this year. Last year we didn't know about it and missed it by only a few hours so this year we would like to plan our trip around it. Also exactly where on the beach would it be held?
08/09/2013 2:49PM
Sweet Darlin by Fiji
Hi Brudda Dave, Could you please play this song on air for us for our 50th anniversary year? We like it! We love it! We want some more of it! Stan & June
09/25/2013 12:30PM
Song request
Can you please play "Forever Summer" by Anuhea
10/04/2013 11:10AM
Radio App?
Used to listen to you guys via Tune-in Radio App. But it no work no more. "This station is not available in your country." Any suggestions for alternate app for my daily KINE fix?
12/04/2013 11:23AM
Christmas request
Do you have anything from Mailani's new christmas album? I heard a beautiful song called ala... Something.
12/18/2013 1:22PM
who sings e aloha e? your playlist keeps saying it's "baby it's cold outside" by afatia Thompson!
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