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Guy should be taken and dropped off in Afghanistan...

by Billy V posted Sep 8 2010 5:50AM

Here's the article I'm refering to:  It's a CNN article about the Pastor in some faraway state that wants to burn the holy book of Muslims.  Someone take him and let him run with all the Taliban.  They're made for each other (as far as I'm concerned).  I'm angry that he is angered a lot of the Muslim population and putting our families lives at risk.  I'm glad everyone is against him. 

I wish Muslims would realize that this one man is not representative of the rest of us.  Lots of our politicians and church people are coming out and saying this is wrong and condemning it.  I wish Muslims would do the same for their extremists.
Asking the world to understand each other is something that has been happening for thousands of years, but it should start somewhere.  Why not here in Hawaii?  Can't please everyone though....someone should still drop him off somewhere far far away....
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04/10/2013 10:57PM
Guy should be taken and dropped off in Afghanistan...
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