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First one all done...

by Billy V posted Jun 26 2008 12:59PM

Well...we've got a new system here on the website, so that means I have to put a first entry :) First things first; I'm liking the new's making it easier for us to put things up on the 'net faster.  Mahalo to our web people for getting this done.

It also means I'm going to be blogging in the style that I usually do...really off the cuff.  So that means a disclaimer now:  I'm not going to be using proper english...I may go to pidgin...add in Japanese; hopefully going to blog more in 'Olelo Hawai'i as opportunity allows.   
FYI for the 'Olelo Hawai'i diehards:  Apologies in advance.  At this moment this blogging program does not allow for the correct diacritical marks that our beautiful hawaiian language has.  No 'okina and kahako here yet.  I'm working on them having it.

The opinions often given in this blog are mine, and may not represent anyone from the radio station, perhaps the State of Hawai'i or maybe even the planet.  But their mine and that's
what the internet is all about, right?
You'll hear about the needed progression of the hawaiian language.  Need for recycling badly. The importance of giving back to the community.  Procrastination is in my vocabulary.  Shoyu Chicken is my favorite food.  I wish I knew Gabby Pahinui more personally.  I will have to face the fact my son will not want to be like his father.  A woman and an African-American ran for President of the United States in my lifetime.  I wish all of our troops especially those from Hawai'i come home safe and soon.  But before the mission is done?  I would say ask those on the lines.  Not the government.  I'm not sure they know or have a clue.  I hope they solve the problem of rising fuel and our need for consumption in our lifetime; because it looks like it's here to stay.  The world needs more aloha.  I will do my best to promote hawaiian music in most of it's forms.  Go UH Football, Volleyball, Basketball and all of the other sports that exist.  Tiger Woods is awesome.  
These are some of my beliefs or thoughts; which is why the disclaimer about my views lol
Hope you're all having a nice Thursday evening.  I'll be blogging about twice a week or if I have something to (my wife says..."oh really?  so when do you have NOTHING to say?"  hmmph)
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04/10/2013 8:30PM
First one all done...
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