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Disclaimer: The views expressed are not those of the station blah blah blah

by Billy V posted Aug 6 2008 12:00AM we go sound off time:

What is up with these Stop Rail Now people?  They want to put their issue on the ballot, but they're called Stop Rail Now.  Do they want you to vote on the issue, or only vote if you believe in their direction and interpretation of the facts.  In fact, I don't know who to believe.  If you are in business, you're only going to put what you believe your business to be, or what you want everyone to see on any poster or advertisement.  You're also going to use some creative liberty with the facts, right?  Well, this is what both sides on this issue are using.  They're only supplying us with information that is really one sided.  So NO one gets all the details or facts to make informed and opinions.  Isn't that why we elected officials to be in office?  To get all of the facts and make the decisions that are in our best interest?  And what if those politicians make informed decisions that make them change their minds?  Aren't politicians able to change their minds if they see something they didn't see before?  Or is that what we now term "flip-flopping" on an issue?  Are we deadlocking them into deciding early, then it's a negative if we change our minds?  
Oh and by the way....they new city couldn't take their petition because of the way it was written.  But they took it down anyway...DRAMA!  And then they stand in front of Denise DeCosta saying "Huh? What do you mean you won't take it?....but the Mayor said he wouldn't mind it being on the ballot...there must be some misunderstanding"  ..oh stop it DRAMA!
I agree it perhaps could be on a ballot, but get rid of the drama....sheesh...
Speaking of politics, did you see that Paris Hilton commercial in response to the John McCain ad?

Way to go Paris!  I'm not really into Paris, but the people who put that together?  They should be running the campaigns of the Presidential Candidates.  Absolutely Hilarious.  Chalk one up for Paris (I can't believe I'm cheering for something she did, but you gotta admit, she school'd the boys)

Someone put the State and the HSTA with boxing gloves and put them in the ring.  Let them have at it so we can go back to our merry lives and get the dispute done and over with.  We as parents and taxpayers care about the safety of our children (first) and their continuing education (second).   If the teachers aren't doing drugs, they won't mind getting tested.  I'm guessing that's what the majority of people want.  Too bad a few bad apples spoil everything for the majority of our wonderful, hardworking, caring teachers that have determination and the trust of us parents.

from the YAY column:

Colt Brennan:  I haven't gotten so excited to watch an NFL in the last couple of years, as I was watching Colt go into the Hall of Fame game this past Sunday.  He looked comfortable, he looked good.  But if the coach says you got lots to learn; learn all you can from Zorn.  Take your time and pay your dues...don't get impatient.  It will all come with patience and time.  But I don't think that's anything Colt needs to hear.....he already knows.

Natasha Kai:  She starts her run for Olympic Gold today, two days before the Opening Ceremonies.  The most decorated athlete to come out of Kahuku High School, with awards thru her collegiate career and now on the cusp of the world's largest sports stage.  Go get 'um girl...and enjoy the experience...

Warrior Football Team:  Working hard with Fall Camp as the countdown continues towards Florida.  The pieces are falling into place.  Working hard during the off season starts to payoff.  Fans getting ready to tailgate and Aloha Stadium coming to life with football season. Are you ready to "Get into the Game"?

Wahine Volleyball:  word is that the NCAA may go to a 25 point game system.  It now stands at 30.  Not too thrilled with that.  I can imagine neither is Dave Shoji.  Haven't seen the SSC crew yet...will probably drop by next week as we get geared up for vball.

Parker McLachlin:  Couldn't be happier for his PGA Tour win.  Couldn't have happened to a nicer family also.  Hold on to your hats everyone....I have a feeling it's just the beginning for Parker!!

Gabby Pahinui Waimanalo Kanikapila:  Thia Saturday...the list of musicians is's going to be awesome.  I'm headed out there this Saturday...


I'm sure I'll have more opinions tomorrow for the meantime...have a wonderful day!!


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Disclaimer: The views expressed are not those of the station blah blah blah
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