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Boom Kanani

by Billy V posted Jun 24 2013 10:57AM
Original Source:  Mele Apana (2006)
Urban Dictionary lists Boom Kanani as "The act of booming a kanani, usually said when a situation is triumphed. Robotic Machine: "You've just won 2948302948 Million Dollars!""
Mele lists the definition as "describes something that is very stunning, wonderful, mind-blowing, awesome, fabulous.  If you want to make it even more expressive, add "Ovahlani!" to the beginning.
Example:  "Billy V & Mele Apana on Hawaiian 105 KINE is Ovahlani, Boom Kanani!"

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06/24/2013 4:57AM
Boom Kanani
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06/24/2013 7:50AM
Boom Kanani keia!
BillyV and Mele Apapa show is ono-licious e boom kanani keia (Kimo Keawe)
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