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by Billy V posted Jul 8 2013 5:40PM
Definition:  adj.  Small Filipino Children Additional Background:  In the plantation days, Filipinos that just arrived were called bok-bokĘ»s.  Chinese were known as pake.  There were descriptive words for everyone and everything.  This was the birthplace of "pidgin English" a  common language was made between the nationalities.Sentence:  My friend likes to train the booklets how to train in Eskrima! (Filipino Martial Arts)   (that was me and my cousins!  Running around Kilauea, Kauai as kids  -billyv)
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07/08/2013 11:40AM
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11/01/2013 2:44PM
now I learn something new! I think it was the Ilocanos and Visayans that came to the islands and were masters of Eskrima.
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