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Are these shorts too short to fly with?

by Billy V posted Aug 5 2013 2:00AM
Alix is an 18 year old going to Spain for a bikini beach trip.  She was wearing these shorts while waiting to get on the plane with Monarch Airlines.  The gate rep said they were TOO SHORT.  Is it too sexy for the airline?  Airline Rep said she had to change, not in the bathroom, but RIGHT THERE at the gate.  She did it like most local girls would...wrap the towel around and change.  They╩╗re thinking of making a legal complaint against Monarch Airlines.  Would that happen here?  Have you ever seen anyone get onto a Hawaiian Airlines flight in bikini or something too small?
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08/04/2013 8:00PM
Are these shorts too short to fly with?
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08/05/2013 4:26AM
Safety First
Ridiculous. Airlines should concern themselves with safety. Period. Leave dress codes to the discretion of each individual passenger.
08/05/2013 6:36PM
girls gone wild
all the time
08/06/2013 4:55AM
Too short
If the picture you show that women with shorty shorts...give me a break she's too OLD wear those shorts!! Dress your age!
08/06/2013 10:44AM
Safety First
The airline is concerning themselves with safety. It's a known fact that you should never wear shorts or sandals on a flight. If there was a fire or passengers need to exit the craft quickly, they can put themselves in jeopardy by getting burned,getting steps on, and losing their shoes, which they may need upon exit. Common sense! You just never know....
08/07/2013 8:30AM
She needs to grow up and dress more appropriately (common sense) when flying (or using any public transportation). I believe most airlines do have some degree of dress code.Furthermore, it not only be a safety factor but she looks like a hooker.
08/08/2013 7:46AM
Sue,sista Sue....
She's 18yrs.oid she's dressing her age...
08/09/2013 8:57AM
Too Short...
She looks a lot older than 18... and like a hooker
08/09/2013 10:18PM
People too judgemental / jealous... shes hurting no one! Safety, give me a break! If plane is on fire, I doubt longer shorts are gonna make a difference! Come on people! Quit Hating!
08/15/2013 6:32AM
they are beautiful
beautiful on an 18 year old
09/24/2013 6:59AM
She is a teen..this is how hot teen girls dress..GET OVER IT!!!!
01/27/2015 2:38PM
She is hot and I want to have six with her right now,
01/27/2015 2:39PM
More women should wear shorts.
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